Concargo Launches An Internal Whistle-Blowing Channel For Information About Accounting Irregularities And Improprieties.
In compliance with the laws aimed at internal control certification as required by the King Committee on Corporate Governance. Formed in 1993 by the Institute of Directors in Southern Africa, KCCG was established to investigate the role of boards of directors in South African firms. Chaired by businessman and former judge, Mervyn E. King, the committee included Phillip Armstrong, Nigel Payne, and Richard Wilkinson. Concargo also subscribe to Sarbanes-Oxley Law. Concargo provides a communication channel for the collection of tips and information on possible irregularities or improprieties in the company’s accounting records, as well as in relation to other accounting and auditing matters.

Any person, whether an employee, manager, supplier or client of Concargo or of any of its subsidiaries, should, upon identifying or suspecting any matter of the above-mentioned nature, communicate with the Chairman of Concargo’s Board of Directors by sending a letter addressed to The Chairman, P.O. Box 1379, Durbanville, 7550 or email to

In order to guarantee the informant’s anonymity, the correspondence should be forwarded in a sealed envelope, and should contain a detailed report that will enable the Board to investigate the allegations.

The Whistleblowing Channel will be available in all towns (Cape Town, Johannesburg & Durban) where Concargo operates, always in line with the local laws and procedures that guarantee the rights of those suspected of having participated in accounting irregularities or improprieties.


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