Logistics Glossary

Logistics Semantics


Cargo which cannot conform with an International Standard Organisation (I.S.O.) container and so protrudes over the sides or top of a container.
ACQUITTAL For Container Operators – Reconciliation of documents presented to Customs with those present to container operators to prove legitimacy of import/exports.


CABOTAGE The loan of a container to a second party for the domestic movement of cargo, thus saving the operator the cost of repositioning the container.
CARRIER HAULAGE Transport for the delivery or collection of containers, arranged by the container operator or its agent.
CONSIGNEE The person to whom the good are consigned.
CONSIGNOR The person who consigns or forwards the goods.
CONSOLIDATION Process of combining LTL Less than Truck Load consignment /freight/cargo to make efficient use of deck space or containers.
CONTAINER DEMURRAGE The amount payable by the importer/exporter to carrier for retaining the container beyond the free time stipulated in the applicable tariff. It is a penalty designed to discourage our merchants from keeping containers as free storage, and to speed up packing/unpacking time.


DEADFREIGHT Payment for space booked but not used.
DEMURRAGE Charge raised for detaining FTL Full Truck Load container/trailer for longer than provided in Tariff. Compensation payable to a container operator, haulier or shipowner for the detention of his equipment beyond the stipulated time in the tariff/contract/Charter Party.
DISBURSEMENT Payment made by the Transporters for border charges, customs fees etc. on behalf of owners.
DUNNAGE Material (wood, matting, etc.) used in stowing cargo, either for separation or for prevention of damage, by sweating, skidding etc.


FUTILE TRIP This is incurred when a full or empty container cannot be delivered or is not available for collection upon arrival of the cartage vehicle at a depot or consignee/shipper’s premises.


INTERMODAL The ability to move between two or more different modes of transport with the smallest interruption to the speed of transit. Used to denote movements of cargo containers interchangeably between transport modes, i.e., motor, water, and air carriers, and where the equipment is compatible within the multiple systems.


LAND-BRIDGE Movement of cargo by water from one country thought the port of another country, hence, using rail or truck, to an inland point in that country or to a third country. As example, a through movement of European cargo to Zambia across South Africa.


MULTIMODAL TRANSPORT The UNCTAD preferred term for what we call Combined Transport.


NON-VESSEL OPERATING COMMON CARRIER (NVOCC) A cargo consolidator in ocean trades who will buy space from a carrier and sub sell it to smaller shoppers. The NVOCC issues bills of lading, publishes tariffs and otherwise conducts itself as an ocean common carrier, except that it will not provide the actual ocean or Intermodal service.


TRANSSHIPMENT When the total amount of cargo on a truck is too little to justify a call at the destination, or where a full load must be transferred onto a foreign registered trailer/truck tractor, (goods are taken off that truck and loaded on another i.e. transshipped) for transport to the


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