Concargo has defined the organisations environmental policy in accordance with all applicable Laws and Regulations of South Africa, as well as, and in continual improvement of the activities for the company, to improve the environment.

At Concargo, environmental responsibility is a top priority. As a leader in an industry with a poor historical record of environmental stewardship, Concargo is committed to improving that record through far-reaching and innovative programs. We also recognise that the little things also matter a great deal, and we have instituted company-wide office practices that reflect our commitment to reducing Concargo’s environmental impact.

Waste Reduction:
  1. Reduce printing and paper waste
  2. Re-use printer paper for internal work
  3. Return printer cartridges to supplier for re-use
  4. Minimise paper use by storing information digitally
  5. Recycle waste including paper, cardboard, plastic, glass, cans and IT equipment

  1. Recycle all printer cartridges
  2. Use recycled paper where possible
  3. Provide and encourage the use of recycling bins
  4. Recycle packaging and re-use packaging where possible
  5. Use disposal and recycling routes for waste, electronic equipment, oils and other contaminated waste

Energy and Water Saving:
  1. Use of energy efficient globes
  2. Minimise the use of air conditioning and lights in our office
  3. Use rechargeable batteries for all battery powered appliances
  4. Switching off of appliances, computers and systems when not in use

  1. Identify and manage environmental risks
  2. Provide and manage resources as required
  3. Comply with all legal and other requirements
  4. Consider Environmental requirements in supplier selection
  5. Audit, review and continuously improve practices, systems and programmes

Some of the office policies and programs we are adopting include:
  1. Instituting recycling bins in all our locations
  2. Utilising energy efficient lighting across all locations
  3. Eliminating Styrofoam products from our office supplies
  4. Mandating the shutdown of all unused computers overnight
  5. Planning to institute an incentive program for vendors to use alternative fuels
  6. Ordering out lunch one day per week to reduce traffic out of our offices during the day
  7. Conducting business almost exclusively in electronic formats to eliminate office paper use.

Some of the operational policies and programs we have adopted include:
  1. Re-routing of equipment in order to reduce empty kilometres
  2. Recommend switching traffic from truck to rail when possible
  3. Performing cost analysis on many projects to determine if rail transit is more appropriate

Utilising Owner Driver and Sub-Contractor fleet back-haul capacity to reduce empty kilometres

Concargo makes every effort to team up with vendors, agencies and industries that also have a strong commitment to the environment.


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