Concargo offers a service-independent business consultancy focusing on situations where a logistical component is either utilised or needs to be selected to enable supply chain business processes.

CMS (Concargo Management Services) can establish which business processes are required to support strategic supply chain objectives before deriving the requirements for business systems.

Subsequently, logistic constraints are taken into account before proposing high level implementation plans, including recommendation of suitable service providers, budgets and time-lines, as well as counter-plans for any possible weaknesses between the desired business processes and logistical capabilities.

CMS offers comprehensive logistics system strategy development, including project planning, budgeting and justification. This service includes programme management during implementation processes, education programmes and change management. Efficient knowledge transfer is thereby assured of e-business and supply chain methods, procedures and practices.

In the current business environment, which is aggressive and highly competitive, companies that are successful make better decisions and they do so a lot faster than their competitors.

Concargo Management Services & Consulting has the tools, capacity and the know-how to provide our clients with competitive advantages by delivering relevant and insightful information … by transferring knowledge … by facilitating processes … and by empowering individuals to make effective and timely business decisions.

Our services range from strategic supply chain consulting and simple “mode management” services all the way to more sophisticated software and technology solutions that help you manage your people, processes and supply chain activities.

We can provide immediate relief to your management team, compliment your existing traffic team and support some, part, or all of your supply-chain processes.

  1. We’ve helped emerging companies develop their initial supply chains and processes.
  2. We’ve helped existing companies manage some, part or all of their internal logistics functions.
  3. We’ve helped established companies manage their growth by helping them increase carrier “bandwidth”.
  4. We’ve helped slow, stagnant companies increase their bottom lines through innovative management programs.
  5. We’ve helped companies of all size and stature deal with “forces” that have been brought about by current economic conditions.
  6. We’ve helped companies of all shapes and sizes deal with the challenges that are often associated with change and/or growth.
We offer on-site and remote management programs and have equipped some of our customers with our proprietary software solutions. We provide a single point of contact, a robust logistics management platform and a variety of mode management services that are all backed up by an award winning operations group!


  • Service You Require:
  • Abnormal Transport
  • Deployment
  • Contract Logistics
  • Event Logistics
  • Express Overnight Road
  • Inter / Multimodal
  • Mobile Cranes
  • Offshore Logistics
  • Procurement
  • Project Management
  • Rigging Services
  • Road Freight SA
  • Road Freight Africa
  • Supply Chain Consulting
  • Transit Insurance
  • Warehousing
  • Wine & Beverage
  • Other