Original Commercial Invoice
The following particulars must be reflected on the invoice:
  1. Full name and address of consignor
  2. Full name and address of consignee
  3. The quantity of goods
  4. Full description of goods
  5. The weight of goods
  6. The value for customs
Packing List

In the event that large quantities are to be exported it is advisable to include a packing list for detailed identification purposes.

FORM F178 (Foreign Exchange Control Form)

Applicable to shipments where the value exceeds R50 000.00. The F178 needs to be attested by the exporter’s bank. This form does not apply to Lesotho, Namibia and Swaziland as the currencies are par with the ZAR.

SADC Certificate of Origin

A Certificate of Origin is intended to certify to the importing authorities as to which country the products being imported were manufactured in. The C/O certifies that the imported product meets the “Country of Origin” requirements set by the importing country and which are expected of their foreign suppliers.

Pre-Shipment Inspections

There are certain countries that may require an inspection on the goods to be exported. This is particularly so in instances where it is essential that the goods meet certain standards. The African countries that stipulate pre- shipment inspection are Angola, Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda. The pre-shipment inspections are conducted by various bureaus appointed by the relevant government department in the Importers country. The inspection can only take place once the Importer has applied for and obtained an IDF number. Neither the Exporter nor their agent can apply for a pre-shipment inspection on behalf of the Importer. Once an IDF number has been issued in the country of destination it is submitted to the corresponding bureau in South Africa. The inspection bureau’s local representative will arrange an appointment with the exporter to conduct the inspection.

Other Requirements
  1. Botswana – Copy of Importers Vat Deferral Certificate and Traders Identification Number (TIN)
  2. Lesotho – Copy of Importers Vat Deferral Certificate
  3. Namibia – Copy of Importers Vat Registration Certificate
  4. Swaziland – Copy of Importers Vat Deferral Certificate
Commercial Invoice Packing List F178 Certificate of OriginPre-Shipment InspectionImporters VAT Defer. Cert.
NamibiaX XX
MozambiqueX XXX
MalawiX XXX
LesothoX XX
KenyaX XXX
BotswanaX XXX
AngolaX XXX


  • Service You Require:
  • Abnormal Transport
  • Deployment
  • Contract Logistics
  • Event Logistics
  • Express Overnight Road
  • Inter / Multimodal
  • Mobile Cranes
  • Offshore Logistics
  • Procurement
  • Project Management
  • Rigging Services
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  • Road Freight Africa
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