Concargo, its management and staff celebrate a day of Thanksgiving for the amazing blessings over our business over the past year – Grace, Mercy, Good Health, Awesome Colleagues, Loved Ones, Good Friends, Blessed Business, Great Clients, Great Staff and a Great God!

Concargo starts the day with a prayer meeting:

“Lord we thank You for Your mercy, we thank You Lord for Your grace, we thank You Lord for Your unfailing love. Lord we thank You for the leadership team and all the hard working people who represent Concargo. We thank You Lord for Your unstoppable blessings on the business and its inhabitants. Lord we beseech You to fill the pockets of every person involved so that they may be a blessing to others. Let their coffers overflow, and make this the business of the people who toil every day, week in and week out, year in and year out. Bless each one and their extended families so that they never want for more, satisfy their needs Lord. I ask this in the name of The Lamb Jesus Christ, the perfect sacrifice for us.’

As part of the Day of Thanksgiving, Concargo made a donation to the Christine Revell Children’s Home in Cape Town

“At Christine Revell Children’s Home we provide full-time care for up to 49 babies and children from birth to five years of age who have been referred to us by social workers and placed here by order of a children’s court. The children are either neglected, abandoned, abused, orphaned and are accepted at the home irrespective of HIV status, race or gender. We strive to create a warm, friendly and homely environment, but our ultimate aim is to re-unite a child with its parents or the extended family should circumstances permit. Children are also placed into foster care with suitable families in the communities and when the proper legal channels have been followed children can also be adopted. These decisions are always taken with the full involvement of our social worker, the social worker who referred the child to us, the family and children’s courts.”