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Organisation Infrastructure

Concargo’s organisational structure creates focus and control. It creates focused action by breaking the organisation into distinct divisions and areas of responsibility.

Each organisational department unit is focused on, and held accountable for, its unique area of responsibilities. Infrastructure organises people, process and structure to get the right people, doing the right things, at the right time, right the first time. It maximises performance creating the ability, willingness and opportunity for our people to achieve high performance.

Departments/ Divisions of Concargo

1 Corporate Board of Executive Directors
2 Front Office Sales and Marketing
3 Middle Office Finance and Administration
4 Back Office Operations and Planning
5 Track & Trace Surveillance and Proof of Delivery
6 Commercial Tenders / Quotes and Surveys
7 Technical Engineering and Information Technology
8 South Africa National Domestic Republic of South Africa
9 Africa SADC / COMESA and Equatorial Africa
11 Outsource In-House Distribution Management

Corporate, the Board of Directors, is responsible for the overall management and decision making of the company.

Front Office is responsible for the procurement of new business and Branding of Concargo.

Middle Office is responsible for the financial and administrative functions.

Back Office is responsible for the operational control of the Supply Chain Solutions and Logistics Planning.

Track & Trace is responsible for the security and monitoring of all cargoes in transit.

Commercial is responsible for all route costing and pricing of service products and lane analysis.

As the company continues to prosper and grow the following departments will evolve naturally i.e. Human Resources & Personnel and Project Management Department.

Group Hierarchy

Group Hierarchy