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Meet current and future needs

Our warehousing and distribution solutions, in alignment with our integrated solutions approach, looks at your delivery network holistically. By designing a warehouse and distribution system with you, we can take into account how far distribution centres can be centralized or not, where they need to be located for optimised delivery, and how transportation and other distribution mechanisms can best interact with them. Knowing about your supply constraints is key, so a collaborative process with you is important for success. We can then proceed in helping you to locate, purchase, design and lay out your warehouses, so that they meet both current and future logistical needs. This will be in your best interests – if we feel you should not own warehouses, and renting is the recommended solution, we will demonstrate why we feel this is best for you. Our solution set then extends to the optimised design of the warehouse itself, with a range of bespoke management systems and processes, which take in cross-docking, racking, shelving, pick-and-pack, and track and trace capabilities.

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Our key competitive advantage for you is in planning, implementing and managing an optimal warehousing and distribution solution – as we have done for other major multinational clients – that best combines investment in assets with the optimisation of the function in the context of the rest of your supply chain.

On a national and international scale, companies are continuing the trend to outsource their logistics demands to third party logistics SERVICE providers, preferring to focus their resources on their own core businesses. Concargo (WMS) (Warehouse Management Services) helps you to manage your inventory and reduce your inventory costs.

Concargo is the leading partner of choice where customers can enjoy secure, reliable, accessible and well-managed distribution centres that are synchronised with their supply chain operations.

We offer value-added logistics solutions encompassing warehousing and distribution, storage and handling as well as a wide range of other related services including labelling, packing and unpacking cargo directly from containers and distribution of packed goods.

At Concargo we not only help to manage your inventory, but also help to reduce your inventory costs.