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Warehousing & Distribution


Logistic Warehousing in Southern Africa

Working more closely with transportation functions in supply chain, warehousing and distribution can make or break the effectiveness of your entire supply network. Warehouses and distribution centres are among the most costly elements in the entire chain, and a wrong decision on size, location or design can cost the business much more than just the building of the warehouse itself. In the modern world, where economies and countries change quickly, a more flexible warehouse and distribution strategy may be needed. If, for example, a warehouse location was chosen for proximity to a source of supply, that supply may change or dry up if it is a commodity – leaving the business with a costly asset it cannot use, as well as a lack of capital to address the issue. Flexible and innovative warehousing and distribution planning takes these changes into account in ensuring that costs are controlled and service levels to your customers are preserved and improved upon.

Concargo’s Warehousing team is equally involved with the sustainability effort. Through the use of innovative lighting solutions our warehousing partners have been able to reduce electrical consumption, through a combination of natural lighting via innovative and futuristic designed skylights.

As a result, electrical usage in these facilities is reduced by up to 30%, creating cost savings and reducing pollution.

World-class customer service can only be achieved through a world-class distribution center.