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In-House Management

On-Site / In-House Outsource

Concargo offers the consignor company a complete National and Intercontinental (Over Border into Africa) option, to outsource their company’s road haulage freight function to us. We work with companies looking for opportunities to save costs and improve on bottom line performance and return on investment.

Traditionally, companies would engage with a 3rd party logistics (3PL) company to manage their freight supply chain. These 3PL companies are companies who are, by virtue of their assets, limited to certain geographical routes and traffic lanes.

Concargo is a truly neutral service provider who does not compete with the Clearing and Forwarding industry, but collaborates with these masters of the freight industry in order to provide a one stop shop to commerce and industry, and the Import/Export industry as a whole.

Concargo has from its roots evolved as a 4PL (non asset based), to a 3PL (asset based), and currently emerging as a 7PL, incorporating the best of both worlds, the peripheral experience of the first identity combined with the versatility and capability of the latter. What this all encompassing infrastructure allows us to do is:

  1. Offer our strategic business partners the option to outsource their company’s freight function to Concargo if the volume flows warrant the in-house investment in staffing, utilities and systems, and …
  2. To become long-term strategic business partners to our clients by adding the necessary experience, intellectual property and intellectual capital to streamline their supply chain in terms of cost and efficiency.

Please contact the Managing Director Concargo National Domestic Operations South Africa, and find out how to proceed with this outsource appointment option by emailing

Core & Added-Value Services

  1. Staff Implants
  2. Computer Software
  3. Computer Hardware
  4. In-House Supervision
  5. Online Proof-of-Delivery
  6. Printed Labeling & Kitting
  7. Preprinted Waybill Documentation
  8. Palletizing, Strapping & Stretch Wrapping
  9. Dedicated Expedited Daily Shuttle Service