Consolidation / Origin Services | Concargo

Consolidation / Origin Services

Concargo offers a unique and specialised range of origin / consolidation services by road. Concargo works with multiple vendor factories that send their products to our warehouses, and the product is consolidated to maximise loading utilisation per shipment. Concargo provides customs clearance and VAT Tax-refund application, and the product is shipped to the destination.

Services Provided

  1. Purchase Order Management: we manage your purchase order from the point of issue, contact and organize your supplier overseas, monitor your purchase orders and organize dispatch and transportation with your carrier or our services.
  2. Consolidation of P.O. to shipments, multiple suppliers, multiple countries and multiple P.O.’s Value-added services such as quality control checks, rework, assortment, pick and pack, labelling, price tagging, garment assortment packing and garment on hanger (GOH).
  3. Offer store-ready shipment unit configuration
  4. Full visibility, updated multiple times (per day 24/7) and tracking from the issue date of the P.O. until the arrival at final destination. We provide proactive event management and transport mode adjustments based on arrival date.
  5. Daily on-hand reports: tailored reports showing shipments received by P.O>, part number and quantities on a daily basis.
  6. Procuring and supplying packaging material, labels, container stuffing and quality-related materials