Service Protocol | Concargo

Service Protocol

Services include:

  1. Export packing
  2. Document translation
  3. Marine / cargo surveys
  4. Complete documentation
  5. Route and bridge surveys
  6. Port and off-site warehousing
  7. Coordination of inspections
  8. Supplier schedule expediting
  9. Duty exemption management
  10. Advanced corrosion prevention
  11. Heavy lift planning and execution
  12. Project (civil) engineering services
  13. Regulatory and security compliance
  14. Letter of credit and banking services
  15. Turnkey and full logistics management
  16. Customs clearance into all SADC countries
  17. Logistics process analysis and optimisation
  18. Cost analysis to optimise pricing and sourcing
  19. Online consignment / load tracking and reports
  20. End-to-end materials management and tracking
  21. Freight negotiation and carrier cost maintenance
  22. Project cargo consolidation and line-item verification
  23. Inland transport via truck, including required permits
  24. Supervision of port operations for heavy lifts and over-dimensional cargo