Quotation Procedure | Concargo

Quotation Procedure

Ordering Procedure:

  1. Contact Concargo offices in Johannesburg, Cape Town & Zambia.
  2. A specialist is sent to view the equipment and to do a site inspection and evaluation.
  3. The specialist reports back to the relevant Operations Controller and senior management.
  4. The Operations Controller submits a written quotation in conjunction with management.
  5. Client awards the “contract” to us by written confirmation and signs a SLA.
  6. Fifty percent (50%) of the quoted price is EFT’d to Concargo 7 days prior to mobilisation.
  7. The Controller coordinates the timing and duration of the work to be executed.
  8. The most suitable crane truck and crew are dispatched to undertake the job.
  9. The operation is completed successfully and signed off by the client.
  10. Balance of charges remitted EFT’d to Concargo within 24 hours of sign off.