H & S Checklist | Concargo

H & S Checklist

  1. Check position of crane(s)
  2. Check outrigger positions and condition of subsoil
  3. Check foundation and shim plates of foundation if applicable
  4. Check radius at pick-up position of load
  5. Check radius at setting position of load and area between pick-up and set position
  6. Check boom length of crane and if applicable, counterweight and superlift counterweights
  7. Check clearances with surrounding structures in connection with tail swing of counterweight and superlift structure when slewing the crane
  8. Check reefing of lift block and lift capacity
  9. Check shackle pin sizes and lifting lug sizes
  10. Check orientation and position of lifting and tail lugs
  11. Check sling lengths and SWL
  12. Check location of centre of gravity (CoG) and verify it with CoG on drawings
  13. Check weight of load if possible
  14. Check lifting trunion size and dimensions
  15. Check condition of access road to foundation
  16. Check general condition of crane and LMI
  17. Check fuel, oil and condition of engines
  18. Instruct operators and rigging crew in detail about planned operation
  19. Clearly mark operation area to stop unauthorised personnel from entering the work area
  20. Check medical aid on site in case of accidents
  21. Play your operations in detail and think ahead