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Contract Logistics

Contract Logistics

Customised Logistics Solutions

Concargo is a logical partner for outsourcing logistics and management of complex Supply Chain projects. Our services cover all the aspects of logistics planning, control and supply chain execution from point of origin to point of consumption.

Our Contract Logistics services offer clients a complete one-stop solution. Order management, warehouse and inventory management, sales order management and reverse logistics all supported by advanced web visibility are the core competencies that we present to our clients in the form of Contract Logistics.

Outsourcing logistics requirements enables our clients to concentrate on their core competencies. As a Lead Logistics services provider, Concargo offers cost control, visibility and responsiveness so that you see substantial reductions in time spent on your administrative, operational and inventory activities, turning your logistics operations into a competitive advantage.

Nationwide Brokerage & Carrier Lane Analysis

Concargo can bring you the extended coverage you’ve been looking for. Fully licensed and insured, we oversee an extensive network of thousands of truckload carriers and can flex and adapt to meet your companies/organisations changing needs.

Contract Logistics Solutions include:

  1. Route planning
  2. Distribution planning
  3. Route implementation
  4. Dynamic transportation
  5. Logistics systems analysis