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General Information

Concargo (Pty) Ltd Abnormal Loads Division specialises not only in transporting cargo, but offers a comprehensive and effective service throughout Africa by integrating the logistics chain – design, construction and assembly of vertical and horizontal loads.

Our team operates a total quality control system to ensure all loads are properly routed, escorted and supervised throughout, complete with documentation management. Every consignment is approached on an individual basis and according to its length, width, height, weight, shape, location and volume.

We are specialists in transporting abnormal “Out of Gauge” Heavy Lift break bulk loads and containerised materials to large components and “discreet loads” throughout Southern Africa. Concargo is managed by a team of professionals, whose experience is not confined to transporting cargo but in providing advice on the design, construction and assembly of vertical and horizontal loads.

Additional services are engineering and rigging studies, jacking and sliding, factory to foundation, refinery and plant, crane and rigging contracts to meet transport requirements, to comprehensive route clearance surveys and liaison with relevant authorities. The experience we have gained allows us to offer clients throughout Africa a responsible and effective service by integrating the logistics value chain.

With the ever increasing demand in abnormal road transportation, hauliers have to address the changing requirements and adapt accordingly. The majority of loads currently transiting in and through South Africa are far larger than usual, therefore the conventional lowbed has become somewhat inefficient to handle the demand.

There are far more loads weighing in excess of 100 ton, than ever before. Local trailer manufacturers have started developing 150 ton capacity trailers which are based on the same design as the 100 ton lowbed with the incorporation of an extra axle line. These trailers are however still in the trial phase and have not been perfected yet.

Extendible trailers which are capable of extending to 36m, and supported by a triple servo-slide system have been introduced into the market to replace the need for the steerable dolly trailers. These trailers are capable of conveying loads up to 90 ton at 36m long. All trailer axles are operated by a hydraulic system and can steer individually by remote control operated from the drivers cab. These trailers manoeuvre quite easily around corners due to the 45 degree steering angle of the last trailer axle.