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FAQs We Ask

Strategic Insight & Processes

Sometimes there are more pieces to the “puzzle” than you could have ever imagined … fortunately, we have assembled the resources, strategic alliances and technical expertise that will help us put all the pieces together with your help.

Through an initial needs assessment, we are able to gain a better understanding of your organisation’s mission, vision and values. The assessment process allows us to conduct a thorough examination of your project , and helps us begin to identify some of the pieces that may be missing from your puzzle.

After the initial assessment, we focus on the specific areas that would most benefit from further development and begin to design a custom one-of-a-kind strategy for leveraging your existing strengths. We don’t believe in generic one-size-fits-all solutions – every project is different, so all our solutions are unique.

The more information you impart, the greater our efficiencies …

Questions we ask:

  1. All inquiries – Company name & contact detail

Conventional Cargo

  1. What is the commodity?
  2. What are the dimensions L/W/H?
  3. What is the weight? How is it packaged i.e. Palletised?
  4. Standard size pallets (1.20 x 1.00m) or oversized?
  5. What is the loading/offloading address?
  6. Can cargo be loaded break-bulk/flat deck or closed?
  7. Is the cargo hazardous/non hazardous?
  8. Drums/Bags – Loose or palletised?
  9. Bulk Bags – 1 ton or 1.5 ton?
  10. Steel tubing – Bundled or loose?

Import Containers

  1. Which vessel & details?
  2. Where are the CTO documents?
  3. What is the gross weight?
  4. Is the cargo hazardous/non hazardous?
  5. If open-top containers – is there any load projection?
  6. If flat-rack – is the cargo out-of-gauge?
  7. 20ft heavy center mounted containers – is repositioning required for offloading?
  8. How is container to be unpacked – offloading bay/dock/forklift/by hand?
  9. How much time is required for unpacking?
  10. Where must the empty container be turned in?
  11. Has a clearing agent been appointed? /details?

Over Border shipments

  1. In-transit cargo – is a Road Bond required?
  2. If import containers – can cargo be transhipped into private containers? If not, what are the empty turn in details and how many free days before shipping line demurrage takes effect?
  3. Is client registered with SARS as an exporter?
  4. What is the client’s exporters code?
  5. Is client registered as a SADC exporter?
  6. Documentation required for export?
  7. Details of importer in destination country?
  8. Details of importer’s clearing agent in destination country?

Out of Gauge

  1. Is the unit indivisible?
  2. Plant/machinery – can the unit be driven onto/off the trailer?
  3. What are the dimensions and weight?
  4. Are there technical drawings/sketches/photographs?
  5. Overseas enquiries – details of appointed clearing agent?
  6. What are the shipping terms?
  7. Details of vessel and shipping line?
  8. What is the vessel ETA?
  9. If load falls into the Superload category, has principal approval been applied for?
  10. Transformers – will it be transported empty or with oil?
  11. Loading/Offloading arrangements – is crane and or rigging services required?
  12. Are transport saddles supplied for large units and boats?
  13. What are the delivery deadlines?
  14. Is insurance required, if so what is the value?