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Factory to foundation

Factory to foundation

Concargo handles and solves

Factory to Foundation is the concept that made Concargo one of the major players in the heavy lifting and transport market.

Concargo Heavy Lift handles and solves global logistical problems for the intercontinental transport and installation of heavy or outsized items on new development and existing sites. It can be compared with completing a puzzle;

many small items must be brought together and there is only one perfect match to discover. The factory-to-foundation concept includes all necessary engineering, road & site surveys, logistics, crew and equipment scheduling, documentation and assembly operations.

Whether it are old or new machines, a single machine or a complete production line. Concargo dismantles,  packs, moves the equipment by road, sea, or air, and assembles the equipment.

Concargo Heavy Lifts – Services – Hydraulic lifting

Hydraulic lifting

From 60 up to 1100 to Lifting heavy equipment is a precision job. Take note that the slightest failure in lifting a 100 tonne object will have disastrous consequences. For lifting and internal transport of heavy parts, Concargo uses several hydraulic lifting gantries. Hydraulic lifting gantries vary in capacity from 60 up to 1100 ton.

Lifting gantries are especially suitable for lifting and positioning cargo in narrow spaces. Particularly in buildings with limited heights these systems are used to lift and/or roll over objects.

Concargo Heavy Lifts – Services – Skidding


Concargo supplies the complete system. Skidding systems proof to be a very economical way of moving heavy machinery or other loads over short distances. Skidding systems can be used for simple tasks, to complicated horizontal transports in hard to reach or confined spaces which require a top notch engineering solution. Concargo is able to provide complex engineering analysis in order to move your equipment anywhere, worldwide.

Concargo supplies the complete system, including hydraulic power packs, track and computer control system

Concargo Heavy Lifts – Services – Synchronous Jacking

Synchronous Jacking

Reduces the risk of bending. The synchronous lift system uses feedback from multiple sensors to control the lifting, lowering and positioning of any large, heavy or complex structure regardless of weight distribution.

Synchronous lifting reduces the risk of bending, twisting or tilting due to uneven weight distribution or load-shifts between the lift points. A PLC controller monitors each lift position stroke and optional load transducers located at each lift point. By varying the oil flow to each lift point the system maintains very accurate positional control. This control maintains structural integrity and can increase the productivity and safety of the lift by eliminating manual intervention in the event of a load-shift or other problem.

Programmable and failsafe monitoring and safety alarms include operating parameters and hydraulic conditions such as oil level and over-temperature. Programmable data recording and “differential-lift” options allow a load to be manipulated into a pre-set position.


  • Stroke and load controlled movement for positioning and weighing
  • Measurement accuracy better than 1.0mm between leading and lagging cylinders
  • Data storage and recording capabilities
  • Load and stroke alarms for optimal safety
  • Integrated 700bar hydraulic pump and controls

Typical Synchronous Lifting Applications

  • Lifting
  • Lowering
  • Weighing
  • Central point of gravity determination

Used for :

  • Bridge building or maintenance
  • Deck lifting & bearing replacement
  • De-propping / load transfer from temporary steelwork
  • Heavy plant installation
  • Incremental bridge launching & box jacking
  • Pile testing
  • Foundation shoring
  • Wind mast aligning on- and offshore