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Company Ethos

Company Ethos The following business ethos adopted by Concargo has ensured ongoing success:

  1. The manner in which we familiarise ourselves with all aspects of our client’s business environment, i.e. obtaining knowledge of the client, its core business operations, its clientele & target audiences.
  2. Availability & accessibility (location): Concargo is based in Cape Town & Johannesburg & has the capacity to work 24 hours around the clock, should this be required.
  3. Personal involvement by means of a designated Concargo Projects Manager, Operations manager, and Engineers with the necessary qualifications & levels of experience, coupled with the capability to meet set project deadlines.
  4. Teamwork & co-operation in terms of productivity & efficiency.
  5. Sufficient infrastructure, capacity & logistical support worldwide.
  6. Disaster & recovery back-up system with risk management contingency plans.
  7. Regular feedback, advise & communication with the client.
  8. More than 23 years experience in the Supply Chain & freight logistics industry.
  9. Highly qualified personnel in senior management with degrees in Management Accounting, Financial Accounting & Legal.
  10. Highly qualified personnel in middle management with qualifications such as Diplomas, Certificates, Courses & ongoing training & skills development.