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Carrier Haulage: Movement of the container from Point A to Point B under the control of the shipping line using a haulage contractor nominated by the shipping line.. In this case the consignee will pay for the same at the lines rate.. This also means that when a line accepts a Carrier Haulage move, they […]

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Leadership vs Corporate Governance

by David on September 14, 2010

UNDERSTANDING CORPORATE GOVERNANCE PROUDLY BROUGHT TO YOU BY “Participation Builds Unity” “MADE IN AFRICA – FOR AFRICA” LEADERSHIP VS CORPORATE GOVERNANCE Leadership is regarded as the ability to rise to the challenge of change and to balance the requirements of diversity in order to realize the full potential of people, so that they might fulfill […]

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Transport Costs

by David on September 7, 2010

Why are transport costs in Africa among the highest in the world? Some of the factors contributing to the high costs of transporting into Southern Africa are the distances, condition of the roads, border fees and the cost and availability of fuel. The maintenance costs on your truck, tractors and trailer equipment is generally a […]

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